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Our Philosophy


One word: Relationships.

Without relationships life is nothing more than a series of impersonal transactions.

Relationships are the mortar that helps hold the bricks of our lives together. 

As your lawyer my hope is to provide an exceptional experience serving your legal needs. 


But, more than that, it's also earning your trust to continue being your lawyer as life changes occur down the road. 


I also understand that every client, every concern, and every family dynamic is different.


Because of that I strive to develop personal, one-on-one relationships with our clients that continue long after we’ve met those initial needs.

Good communication is key in any relationship, and that’s especially true when it comes to the lawyer-client relationship.


After all, you are entrusting me with some very personal and sensitive information, and it’s my job to help you navigate through some very challenging life transitions.


In order to do that effectively, I need to understand your unique situation and what’s important to you.


That’s why the most important thing I can do in our meetings is to listen to you.


You are the expert on your life, and you know what your goals and concerns are.


Once I have a good understanding of those, I can offer you some strategies and options to help you achieve your goals and put your concerns at ease.


We’ll work together to create a custom plan that meets your needs and gives you peace of mind.


Again, as we move through different stages of life our circumstances  may change. And having a relationship in place with someone that we trust can make those changing circumstances much less daunting.


Being asked to provide guidance and advice on legal matters is not something I take lightly. There’s a gravity to that, as there should be.


I believe that Estate Planning and Probate is more than simply drafting a Will or a Trust...or filing Probate documents with the Court. 

I believe this because behind the circumstances that necessitate a reason for these documents there's a person. A family. A situation. A need. 

And in those situations we want someone we trust.


I certainly do, and I'm making an assumption that most of us -- in a ideal scenario -- feel the same way, as well. 

Trust happens over time.


Trust is built. Trust is earned. Trust is maintained. 

And it all comes back to one thing: Relationships.


More specifically, developing and fostering those relationships that serve to solidify that trust. 

To that end, my goals (and the philosophy with how I operate my law practice) are these:


To earn your trust.


To provide wise, thoughtful counsel.


To give you peace of mind.


And to be your lawyer. 

word: Relationships.

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