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About Jason

  • Civil Litigation
    Mr. Lindamood left his position as a prosecutor in Wharton and accepted a position as a civil trial lawyer in Houston with the Lanier Law Firm –- a nationally-known civil litigation firm that primarily serves to represent individuals who have been harmed irreparably by entities such as large corporations and pharmaceutical manufacturers. As a civil trial attorney, Mr. Lindamood has taken hundreds of depositions ranging from the cross-examination of medical experts and industrial hygienists, to cross-examining the designated corporate representatives of multi-national Oil & Gas corporations. ​ He has also served as the primary trial attorney on numerous civil jury trials in various jurisdictions across the country.
  • Early Life & Education
    Jason grew up just west of Houston in Fulshear, Texas. Back then there were only a few things in the small town of Fulshear -- a stop light, the post office, Huggins Elementary School, a gas station, a church, and Dozier’s BBQ. It's not so small anymore. If you're ever out in the area and aren't familiar with it make sure you have your Google maps ready to go. And your in-car navigation. And an actual paper map (just in case...). All of that to say -- it's grown a LOT. Jason had a great childhood out in the country. He was blessed with amazing parents and a wonderful brother. Jason looks back fondly to simpler times when days were filled with activities such as feeding and watering the chickens, making sure that the horses had enough hay, spending time riding bikes, playing every competitive game imaginable with his brother -- from two-person wiffle ball to two-person kickball ( necessity and, in retrospect, almost every game was of the "two-person" variety until their dad would get home from work) -- and blissfully unaware that years later there would be things called “smart-phones” and “the internet”. Again, much simpler times. After high school and working his way through college at the University of Houston, Jason remained in Houston and attended South Texas College of Law. During law school, he was in the top 10% of his class after the first year and was invited to become a member in the Phi Delta Phi Legal Honors Society that signifies academic excellence and scholastic achievement. After completing his first year of law school he was selected to serve as a briefing clerk for The Honorable Judge Joseph "Tad" Halbach in the 333rd District Court of Harris County. The following year, after finishing his second year of law school, Jason was invited to serve as a summer associate for a civil defense firm that practiced personal injury law.
  • Lindamood Law Firm
    After over nine years traveling the country serving clients as a lawyer with the Lanier Law Firm, Mr. Lindamood parlayed his vast trial experience as well as his ability to communicate complex legal concepts into easier-to-understand, plain language and founded his own firm: The Lindamood Law Firm. ​ The occupational pivot from over fifteen years of constant litigation all across the country, preparing for depositions, pre-trial hearings, and jury trials into a different type of law was not a flippant decision. Rather, it was a culmination of prayerful consideration regarding a few different things: What type of law practice would allow Mr. Lindamood to continue helping individuals and families work through their legal needs...? What area of law lent itself to developing relationships with clients that wasn’t merely transactional or transient...? What particular type of law would be able to best utilize Mr. Lindamood’s desire to truly get to know his clients and communicate complex concepts in a way that served to create a greater purpose during the next 20 years of his legal career...? After much thought and seeking wise counsel, Mr. Lindamood chose to focus the entirety of his law practice on Estate Planning and Probate law. Those two areas tend to go hand-in-hand from a “legal-focus” perspective and, rather than lawyers who attempt to know a little about many areas of the law, Mr. Lindamood’s philosophy and desire is to limit the scope of his law practice in order to better serve his clients. Many lawyers may choose to be a “jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none”. Mr. Lindamood, however, believes that nobody is able to practice law as effectively and with a depth that is required (and rightfully expected) if one decides to venture into multiple, disparate practice areas. His passion in helping his Estate Planning and Probate clients achieve the results they need are what drives him to meticulously handle each of his clients’ cases as if they were his own family. Exceptional communication. Wise counsel. Strategic thinking. Precise drafting. Long-lasting relationships. All of these are part of the core tenants that the Lindamood Law Firm uses to guide our culture, business practices, and to better serve our clients.
  • Prosecutorial Experience
    Immediately after graduating from law school and passing the bar exam, Mr. Lindamood sought an opportunity to gain jury trial experience. He found that when, upon graduation, he accepted a position with the Wharton County District Attorney's Office as an Assistant District Attorney. Trial experience came quickly. He had his first jury trial within 10 days of becoming a licensed attorney. During his tenure as a prosecutor, he spent time in the Misdemeanor, Justice of the Peace, and Felony divisions where he gained valuable insight into the inner-workings of the criminal justice system. Within eighteen months of serving with the District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Lindamood was selected as one of the few prosecutors in the country to attend the prestigious, week-long Trial Skills Seminar put on by the National Trial Attorneys Association in Columbia, South Carolina. The chosen participants performed every aspect of mock trials in front of experienced attorneys from both the Department of Justice as well as the US Attorney's Office including opening statements, cross-examinations, and closing arguments. Mr. Lindamood also participated in the Texas District and County Attorney Association annual seminars for the five consecutive years he was with the DA’s Office. While a prosecutor, Mr. Lindamood honed his natural abilities as a trial lawyer under the tutelage of one of his mentors (the long-time, elected District Attorney of Wharton County Josh McCown*) as well as assisting a multi-departmental law enforcement Drug Task Force. *NOTE from Jason: "Josh McCown passed away on November 29, 2020. He was not only my mentor but, more importantly, he was my friend. I'll miss you, Josh". ​Mr. Lindamood has been the primary trial lawyer (or “first chair”) on over 80 jury trials, including criminal cases ranging from First Degree Felonies to Class C Misdemeanors. He has won over 95% of those trials. During his last two years with the DA’s Office, Mr. Lindamood served as First Assistant District Attorney where his primary focus was solely on serious felony crimes. ​ During his tenure as a prosecutor he reviewed and investigated thousands of cases on behalf of the State of Texas, presented hundreds of cases for indictments before grand juries, and also assisted in training with police academies. In addition, he also spent evenings working as an associate professor at Wharton Junior College teaching a class focused on the introduction to law practice management in the College’s paralegal program.
  • Education and Licensure
    University of Houston B.A. (1999) ​ South Texas College of Law J.D. (2003) (Member of Phi Delta Phi legal honors society) ​ Licensed to practice in all Texas state courts ​ Licensed to practice in all Louisiana state courts ​ Licensed to practice in the Federal Southern District of Texas Licensed to practice in the Federal Eastern District of Texas ​ National District Attorneys Association National Advocacy Center -- Trial Advocacy Skills Course (Columbia, South Carolina)

Jason Lindamood is an Estate Planning, Probate, and Wills & Trusts attorney, as well as Founder and Principal Attorney of The Lindamood Law Firm.

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