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Estate Planning


Wills, Probate, and Trusts


Estate Planning is essential for everyone, regardless of their wealth and age.  Estate planning – or its absence – impacts events after your death and during your lifetime. 


Following your death, estate planning ensures that your assets pass to whom you want, when you want, in the way you want. 


This is critical. 


Equally important is the effect estate planning has on events during your life. The downside to our increased life expectancy is the increased potential that we will become disabled or mentally incapacitated. 


This can be tremendously difficult on caretakers, but we can assist them now by appointing a medical and financial power of attorney, documenting our wishes regarding life sustaining measures, and engaging in elder care planning. 


Dictating these choices in advance allows your voice to be heard when you can no longer speak for yourself.


Damaging family conflict is far more likely to arise when there is no guidance as to end of life decisions, final arrangements, and the disposition of your estate. 


Estate planning will afford you exceptional peace of mind because you have made life a bit easier for those you love. You will feel justifiably proud and relieved by the gift of planning you have achieved.

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