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Criminal Law

Proven Success Defending Those Accused of a Crime

All cases are serious matters and criminal matters are even more so.

They are adversarial by nature, and the other side is typically both well-funded and well represented.

With over 80 jury trials worth of experience as a prosecutor (with a 95% success rate), Mr. Lindamood has both the experience and proven track record to ensure that you are vigorously represented at each stage of the case -- whether it gets dismissed or needs to go to trial.

It's vital that you hire an attorney that you trust, one that believes in fighting for your case, and is willing to aggressively protect your rights.

You owe that to yourself when your liberty is at stake.

No lawyer can every promise a result. But it's imperative that you position yourself with the right legal counsel to give your case the necessary attention and skill it deserves.

Again, most cases will, inevitably, settle out of court.

What makes the cases more likely to settle, however, is the fear that the other side has knowing that you are represented by a true 'trial lawyer'.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need representation in a criminal matter, please contact the Lindamood Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your case.